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Kevin Cole
Serving King, Pierce & Snohomish Counties

Kevin R. Cole is an experienced attorney who practices Criminal Defense, Personal Injury Law, and Traffic Infraction Law. He has represented clients in Washington State District, Municipal, and Superior Courts, the Washington Court of Appeals, and the Washington Supreme Court. He regularly handles cases that arise in King, Pierce, or Snohomish Counties.

Criminal Defense

Kevin is a seasoned criminal defense attorney, in trial court and on appeal. He has taken on a wide variety of criminal cases in his career, ranging from misdemeanors, such as DUI/DWI and reckless driving, to serious felonies, including homicide. Kevin’s fees in criminal cases depend on the nature of the crime or crimes charged, and the amount of work he anticipates the case will require.

Personal Injury Cases

Kevin represents people who have been injured as a result of other persons’ wrongful conduct, including wrongful conduct that is negligent, reckless, intentional, and/or criminal.

Traffic Infraction Cases

Kevin has handled thousands of traffic infraction cases, including tickets for speeding, HOV lane violations, and unlawful use of a cell phone while driving.

Kevin charges $250.00 for legal defense in most traffic infraction cases he handles out of King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties if there is just one violation alleged in the Notice of Infraction, and the case does not involve a traffic accident, or an allegation that the defendant committed negligent driving in the second degree. Kevin does not handle appeals in traffic infraction cases, and he does not handle photo enforcement tickets.

Reasonable Attorney Fees

Having been an attorney for many years, and having represented people from all walks of life and a wide range of income levels, Kevin has a good idea about what constitutes a reasonable and fair attorney fee for clients in the various kinds of cases he handles.


Member, Washington State Bar Association

J.D., University of Washington School of Law

B.A., Columbia College, Columbia University, New York, NY

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